Patient Rights

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Patient Rights


In the following statement, MacKay Memorial Hospital will be referred to as “our hospital.” Our hospital respects the rights of all patients to receive care regardless of physical or mental disability, sex, age, race, color, national origin, socioeconomic status, manner of payment or other individual differences. All patients should expect to be treated respectfully and without any discrimination by our hospital.


Every employee in our hospital will carry name cards or identification cards. Patients are entitled to refuse service from anyone who doesn’t have an identification card.


In providing care, our hospital physicians will give you or your guardian a clear explanation of your medical condition, available options for treatment, relevant procedures, use of medications, disease prognosis, and possible side effects of treatment.


Before undergoing surgery or invasive procedures, our hospital’s health care providers will explain the purpose, success rate, and possible complications and risks to you or your legal guardian, spouse, family member, or representative person. After clear explanation, you or your legal guardian, spouse, family member, or representative person will have to sign a form giving consent prior to receiving anesthesia or the operation. However, according to medical law, if you are in an emergency situation, we are required to provide surgery or invasive therapy without informed consent in order to save your life.


You have the right to accept or refuse our doctor’s recommendation. Regardless of acceptance or refusal, you should have a clear understanding of the outcomes of such a decision, and take full responsibility for the resulting consequences.


By law, our hospital will respect your personal dignity and protect your right to privacy and confidentiality regarding your health condition and medical health records within reason. For the purpose of providing the best care possible, we may discuss your medical condition with related healthcare providers or team members involved in your treatment.

You have the right to the confidentiality of your identifiable health information. Please inform us if you do not want your visitors to know of your medical condition and/or hospitalization.


Our hospital will explain your medical condition to your family members based on their request. If you do not want certain family members to know you medical condition, please provide a written statement to your attending physician and to your corresponding ward station.


You have the right to understand your diagnosis, condition, and treatment and receive safe and appropriate care. You have the right to receive routine process of education and preparation for hospital discharge.


If you would like to request for copies of your evaluation and lab reports, diagnosis certificate, medical summary record, or any other medical document, please contact your ward station or the front desk.


According to the law of “Hospice and Palliative Care”, you have the right to sign the “Hospice and Palliative Care Pre-Agreement”, “Do Not Resuscitate Agreement”, “Medical Power of Attorney Document”, and “Hospice and Palliative Care Withdrawal Pre-Agreement”. If you need any assistance, please contact our Hospitalization Center for the related form, or call us at 02-2808-1585 for details.


You have the right to have your wishes followed concerning organ donation, when you make such wishes known, in accordance with law and regulation. For organ donation agreement, please contact the admissions center or call 0800888067 for inquiry.


Our hospital is a tertiary medical teaching center that provides education and training for the next generation of medical health providers. In order to enable effective medical education, we ask that you cooperate with our teaching activities. However, you have the right to refuse any research related tests or procedures not relevant to your treatment. Your refusal will not result in any change to the quality of care we provide.


You have the right to make a complaint and receive a fair and reasonable response.

You can contact the following service offices:

1.13.1 Taipei main branch: (02) 2543-3535 ext.2104

1.13.2 Tamshui Branch Hospital: (02) 2809-4661 ext.2003


Patient Responsibilities


Please actively share complete and accurate information about your health, including medical history, allergies, admissions, treatment and surgery experience, current medications and any past or ongoing complications to your medical health providers. This will enable us to evaluate your situation comprehensively and provide you the best care possible.


You have the right to accept or refuse our doctor’s recommendation. Regardless of acceptance or refusal, you should have a clear understanding of the outcomes of such a decision, and take full responsibility for the resulting consequences. After agreeing to the treatment plan with clear explanation, please follow the hospital policies and comply with the given instructions.


Please respect the expertise of our medical professionals. You may not ask our healthcare professionals to provide any false or incorrect medical documentation, receipts, or certificates.


You are responsible for paying your bills and meeting the financial obligations arising from your care.


You are responsible for improving your own health, and not wasting unnecessary medical resources. Without your doctor’s approval, please do not use any other medications not prescribed for your treatment. After evaluation, if your doctor decides it is best for you to transfer to another ward or hospital, or recommends discharge home, please follow the rules and regulations of our hospital.


Please follow our hospital’s policies and regulations regarding infection control and be respectful to the rights of other patients and our medical care providers while in the hospital. You are responsible for being considerate and cooperative, refrain from unruly behavior and to respect the rights and properties of others. Please take good care of your own personal belongings.


To facilitate effectiveness of medical service, maintain peaceful atmosphere in our wards, and respect the privacy of other patients and our medical staff, photographs, video recording, or audio recording is prohibited.


If you need to leave your room or the hospital temporarily during hospitalization, please inform your primary nurse. Permission will be granted by your physician on a case by case basis, and if granted, please follow the corresponding rules and regulations.