Message from the Superintendent

Dr. Wen-Han Chang

Reflect on the past, embrace the present, and forge the future!

MacKay Memorial Hospital (MMH) is a medical institution founded on the belief that all people deserve medical care and vow to serve the people who suffer, especially those who are vulnerable. MMH was founded by Dr. MacKay in 1880. Through his missionary, medical, and education work, he established the predecessor of MacKay Memorial Hospital formerly known as “Hobe Hospital” in Tamsui, Taiwan. It was the first hospital in northern Taiwan that provided medical care to the residents of northern Taiwan.

Throughout the years, MacKay Memorial Hospital has faced numerous challenges and difficulties, yet, we have worked tirelessly to grow and develop new services to the needs of the community. With God’s protection and guidance, along with the dedication of our predecessors, MacKay Memorial Hospital has become what it is today and will continue to serve the community in Taiwan.

MacKay Memorial Hospital has not only strived tirelessly in the fields of clinical care, education, and research but has also provided healthcare in remote areas and established several branches across Taiwan. Our main hospital, a medical center trusted by the public, is located in Taipei and has been rated among the top three medical centers by Business Weekly.

MacKay Memorial Hospital remains connected to our faith-based mission and provides compassionate care to the community. The mission and core values we were founded upon remain the same, and each individual at MacKay has already internalized these values in providing care to individuals and families. Through teamwork and innovation, faith and compassion, advocacy and action, we believe that MacKay Memorial Hospital will uphold our commitment and thrive for greater contributions to serving patients and families with excellence.

Healthcare organizations continue to face tremendous challenges as they strive to deliver quality healthcare. Challenges such as low fertility rates, aging, financial distress, the spread of infectious diseases, etc., however, members of the MacKay family have the skills for addressing and solving challenging problems as they arise.

With God’s protection and guidance, may MacKay Memorial Hospital has the strength to cope with emergency crises and avoid foreseeable risks while staying ahead of the top emerging healthcare technology. Leaders must adhere to short, medium, and long-term goals; departments shall support each other, making MacKay Memorial Hospital stronger.

Vision: Strength Resilience, and Excellence

To achieve the goals of the hospital, we have set out five strategic directions: provide high-quality health services, provide and build happiness, deliver more efficient and effective care, and emerging new technology and artificial intelligence in healthcare.

MacKay Memorial Hospital will continue to train experienced professionals, optimize healthcare service, introduce cutting-edge technology, and identify new and different approaches to lead the development of healthcare technology and management systems. With the contribution and efforts of our employees, MacKay Memorial Hospital is expected to become the benchmark of medical centers.

It is a great honor to work at MacKay Memorial Hospital, as I have the opportunity to engage in medical missionary work with the keeping of God’s commandments. A famous person once said, “The most important thing in life is not what you receive, but what you give.” As the superintendent of MacKay Memorial Hospital, I encourage all employees at MacKay to love our patients as we love ourselves and work hard to care for the underprivileged. Even in challenging circumstances, we should continuously enhance our knowledge through innovative learning, fulfilling our responsibilities, striving for the highest quality services, and to work in collaboration with coworkers, and being open-minded and receptive to others’ ideas.

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to upholding the ideals of MacKay Memorial Hospital. Together, let us embark on this journey to a brighter future. We are looking forward to expanding healthcare to more remote areas and countries, let MacKay shine in the international community!

Praise the name of the Lord, and may Lord bless all employees at MacKay.