Message from the Superintendent

Dr. Chien-Liang Liu

With God’s protection and guidance and the sacrifices of our predecessors over the last 140 years, MacKay Memorial Hospital has become what it is today. We are only a small part in the flux of history. In the face of severe and rapid environmental changes in the world, we must uphold our commitment to improve medical care, pursue excellence, practice innovation, develop steadily, cultivate talents and achieve sustainable succession. At the same time, we must also think, “What is the purpose of MacKay Memorial Hospital ?” Let’s not forget our first passion. We must hold on to our core values and fulfill the mission of medical evangelism.

The core values of MacKay Memorial Hospital are ” Honesty, humility, and mercy.
Love others as you love yourself, care for the disadvantaged. Burn out rather than rust out. Innovation excellence, and sustainable development. ” Many of our employees already hold these values dear in their hearts, creating a unique institutional culture in MacKay Memorial Hospital. Because of this, our employees are strongly united and have a high morale, and are consistently recognized by government officials, accreditation surveyors and the public. We must continue to uphold these core values. Especially when we encounter difficult choices, our most important consideration is how we can remain true to our core values.

The main MacKay Memorial Hospital is a medical center. We should cooperate with government policies to fulfill all the tasks required of a medical center, such as developing medical services for serious and difficult diseases, implementing graded medical care to improve regional medical standard, improving medical quality and patient safety, leading the development of medical and healthcare technology and participating in international health activities. In addition, we must continue to invest in medical services in remote areas, develop geriatric medicine in response to an aging society, and fulfill our social responsibility in long-term care.

As the Superintendent of a medical system hospital, the most important thing that I should be mindful of is our employees who serve our patients untiringly every day. I am not only responsible for the health and well-being of our employees, but must also pay attention to their growth and self-fulfillment. MacKay Memorial Hospital is founded on the love of Jesus Christ. Previous Superintendents have emphasized kindness to employees, so in the past, our staff welfare has been superior to that of other hospitals. I will continue to work hard in this regard because when our hospital treats our employees with love, they will be happy in their work and treat our patients with love.

I deeply believe that God loves MacKay Memorial Hospital and each of its employees. Let us respond to God’s love by loving each other and loving our patients with the same heart. I will work hard with you all.

May the grace of God be with you, and wishing you all good health, peace and joy!